E39 E40 Waterproof LED Bulb 100W

100W LED Bulb

E39 E40 Waterproof LED Bulb 100W Can Reduce Your Lighting Bill By 80% And They Require No Maintenance.


E39 E40 Waterproof LED Bulb 100W Can Reduce Your Lighting Bill By 80% And They Require No Maintenance.

This is a long lifetime product with a 3 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty for your peace of mind.

LEDs produce no UV Rays so will not add to degradation of paints, fabrics or other materials that are affected by UV Rays.

Ideal for:

  • Supermarkets
  • Warehouses
  • Factory

Product Specification(King LED Bulb 80W 100W)

Model FR-BW80W FR-BW100W
Power 80W 100W
Lumen 8000 LM ±5% 10000 LM ±5%
Beam Angle 120°
LED SMD 3030
Input Voltage 85-265VAC
Power Factor >0.95
Material AL+PC
CCT 2700-6500K
Environment  Temperature -20°~50°
IP Rating IP56(Waterproof level higher than IP65)
Working Life 50000hrs
Installation E39/E40
Certificates CE ROHS
Warranty 3 years

Weatherproof – IP56 Ingress Protection
Degrees of protection against access to hazardous parts:
Protected against access to hazardous parts with a wire of 1.0 mm ø
Degrees of protection against ingress of solid foreign objects:
Dust-potected, Ingress of dust is not totally prevented, but dust shall not penetrate in a quantity to interfere with satisfactry operation of the apparatus or to impair safety.
Degrees of protection against ingress of water:
Water projected in powerful jets against the enclosure from any direction shall have no harmful effects.

IP65 LED High bay bulb 100w

Active Cooling System
Quiet and efficient Oil-less bearing fan provides enough air to cool down the high performance LED chips inside the bulb. Fan is rated 50,000 hours lifespan. Even if the fan fails, Cooling Fan Failure Automatic Brightness Adjustment Circuit will immediately put the bulb in low lumens output model to prevent burn out. Thanks to this Active Cooling System, Fireflies’s King LED Bulb features High Lumen Maintenance than any other CFL or HID bulbs.

waterproof LED High Bay Bulb 100w

Works The Way You Like
Fireflier’s King LED Light Bulb offers more controllable light beams than any other light bulbs,  put it in the right direction and you are golden.

frosted cover LED High bay bulb

Easy Retrofit
High Performance LED Light Bulbs should not be huge in size, Fireflier’s King LED Light Bulb is similar in size to retrofit most 400w HID bulbs, remove ballast and twist in the King Led Bulb, your old fixture then has a new life.
Size: ø4.94 in x 9.96 in

Weight: 2.09 lb

80W LED High bay Bulb IP65

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