buying guides to high bay lights

The increasing cost of electricity and the negative impact of greenhouse gas emissions have made many businesses to adopt energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly lighting solutions – and LED is the most popular choice. It is no secret that LED lights have revolutionized lighting thanks to their low energy consumption, reduced maintenance, high light output, and a myriad […]

400W MH Replacement

Have you ever needed 400w metal halide LED replacement? One of our recent customers has. A customer contacted us for advice on how to use LED high bays to replace 400w metal halide high bays in a 100′ x 200′ shipping warehouse. The customer’s current lighting was old and many of the fixtures didn’t work. […]

Photobiological safety

THE PHOTOBIOLOGICAL SAFETY STANDARD IEC 62471 This standard deals with the photobiological safety of lamps and devices using lamps and includes a classification of the light source in several risk groups. The standard considers all of the photobiological hazards that may affect the skin and the eye (thermal and photochemical hazards)from ultraviolet to infrared wavelengths. Four risk groups are defined: […]

prismatic polycarbonate cover

When comes to the reflectors of LED High Bay Light,there are an Aluminum reflector,PC reflector(Prismatic Polycarbonate reflector),and Prismatic Acrylic Reflector. These reflectors are usually used for the traditional type LED High Bay Lights which with a neck(heat sink)and now also for UFO LED High Bay Lights. Why do you need a reflector for your high […]

R9 Value

Introduction Color Rendering Index (CRI)and R9,are two vital elements to consider when choosing LED or necessary interior items. This can be essential for contractors and distributors ideally filling customers’needs. Today,color quality is an important consideration when assessing LED lighting for commercial and residential applications. What is R9 and CRI? For us to define the term […]

A Welcoming Home With Outdoor Solar Lighting

Good outdoor solar lighting is transformative. Design,landscaping,and mood are all greatly enhanced by proper lighting choices and turn a dark exterior into a structure that welcomes and entices. If you drive around at night,you’ll find it easy to tell which homes and commercial buildings have done their due diligence on outdoor lighting. With outdoor solar […]

UGR Rating calcuate

What Does BUG Rating Mean? To the untrained ear,hearing the words “BUG rating”may bring to mind swarms of insects or bad reality TV. However,the BUG rating has nothing to do with either,and everything to do with lighting. BUG is simply an acronym coined by the Illuminating Engineering Society (IES)and the International Dark Sky Association to […]

choose LED High bay light

Who knew lighting up any new space is a such challenging task! After all we can’t apply the same type of lighting solutions to both homes and commercial spaces, right? Your employees need to see the computer, machines, products, and so much more. Lighting a space like a warehouse or manufacturing facility is a tall […]

LED Corn Bulb 2200K

What Are LED Corn Lights? Corn lights are LED light bulbs named for their resemblance to corn cobs. With the long shape and LED chips attached vertically down the body of the metal body, they resemble corn. However, the shape and design like corn are for a purpose. To emit heat. With the long body […]

LED Street Light application

Many people are surprised to learn that placing LED lights along streets is great for the environment. There are many reasons for this. Why LED Streetlightsare Best for our Environment Some of the main reasons why these LED lights are best for our environment include: They consume less energy than the traditional high-intensity discharge (HID) lights Last up to three times […]

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